Friday, July 20, 2012

While Trying to Decide . . .

where I can set my quilting machine up in my new place, I took the opportunity to work up the quilt top  for the nice guy that took two days out of his life to help me move up here to this gorgeous area!!

I love making these strip quilts from a Jelly Roll.  They are quick and always turn out so beautifully.

This is Cooper, Pollie's new boyfriend.  He is quite the quilt connoisseur!!

Here is Pollie trying to distract Cooper from enjoying this quilt to it's fullest glory!!

And this is Janice, my landlady and Cooper's Mom discussing the finer points of quilt judging.  I think I heard Cooper tell his Mom that the white gloves were definitely out!!


WoolenSails said...

Beautiful quilt and great idea for a jelly roll, would like to try a strip quilt.


Kelli said...

Love the quilt! And the doggies. :o) Two of my favorite things!!

Jeanneke said...

Beautiful quilt! I'll make a jelly roll strip quilt as soon as I have received the ordered jelly roll!

I love to see the wonderful spot you live in.



Nancy said...

Great quilt and a nice gift.
Looks like you have moved to a beautiful area.