Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Once I Finally Made a Stack and Whack Block

I started seeing them everywhere!!  And I was over at Chris' blog, Shared Creativity, and saw her beautiful regular Stack and Whack made from some gorgeous butterfly fabric and then she also did a 4-patch Stack and Whack from the same fabric and WOW!!

So, of course, Bev and I had to try the 4-patch Stack and Whack and we used Japanese Chrysanthemums by Philip Jacobs.

This is a piece of the Japanese Chrysanthemums

and here are just a few of the 28 blocks we can create ~

This process never ceases to amaze me!!  I can't find any fabric I like for the sashing and the corner stones so I am going to try to hand-dye some colors that will play well with the fun colors in these blocks.


Chris said...

You got that fever!!! They look great.

Nancy said...

I really love that piece of fabric. Are you going to use sashing?

Carol W. said...

I think these blocks are AAA - Absolutely Awesome and Amazing! You've got the gift for S&W! Love, love, love the fabric - I wonder who suggested it! Isn't is BEAUTIFUL? So happy you like it too!

Carol W. said...

If you check out "Reflective Pool" pattern in KF's "Quilts in Sweden" book (near the back of the book), you'll see some terrific possibilities for sashing! Good luck on hand-dyeing - sounds interesting!!!Let us know how it turns out - please!

Michelle May said...

Oooooooooooo! Pretty!


AAA 1i love the blocks Kris . I would love to do stack and wack but never been brave enough jenni