Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow in the Mountains, Rain in the Desert

I live in the desert in Southern Utah near Zion's National Park.  We don't get a lot of moisture but when we do, the air is so clean and crisp.  And it is especially fun when we get snow in the mountains that surround us, so I thought I would share ~

It's so fun to see this snow because we already have green golf courses and temeratures in the 60s.

You can see the mesa in the foreground here and see how we usually look.

The red rocks are characteristic of the surrounding area.

And the snow on the mountains make me homesick for Colorado Springs!!


Deanna said...

I live in Northern Utah now but am from Colorado originally. At least they are mountains, right?

Anonymous said...

And Colorado Springs and the people here miss you and your hugs & laughter, also. Right now, however, you are doing the right thing and someday you will be back here.

Denise :) said...

I have family in Colorado Springs -- small world! I saw on Wedding Dress Blue that you won the cute little quilt pin she was offering (I'm pretty sure it was you) and I was so happy you got it!! Happy Friday, Kris! :)

Melody said...

Such beautiful views

Jen said...

I love Zion! It's so breath-taking. I've never seen it dusted with snow before. Thanks for sharing ;)

Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh is that ever gorgeous!