Monday, January 2, 2012

New International Siggies to Start Out the New Year!!

I am finally catching up on some of the siggies I have received over the past few months.  My Siggies to them are going out tomorrow morning when the post office opens again ~

This one is from Gea Lamberts.  Gea is from the Netherlands and she sent a very nice note with her Siggie but it is in a different language so I am not sure what she said - I did get "Hallo Kris" though!!  :-)

This one is from Jose Brouwer.  Jose is also from the Netherlands.  I apparently sent her friend two of mine - which is unusaul because I seem to have a hard time getting one out - and so the friend gave mine to Jose and Jose was kind enough to send me one of hers!!  Donna over at Brynwood Needleworks  would love this one as it has the acorns on it.

Oh, I wish you could see this amazing siggie in person!!  It was made by Ali Maria Bruna in Italy and she has done something with the orange color in the face and hands that makes it three dimensional!!  It is incredible!!  Ali just joined the list a few days before she sent me this fun Siggie - I hope she can keep up this beautiful work becasue as soon as folks see how incredible her Siggie is, they are going to want to swap with her!!

This little cutie was made by Petra van Opzeeland, who also lives in the Netherlands.  The cool thing is that Petra is only 37 years old!!  How neat that there are more and more young people who are carrying on the wonderful art of quilting!!  And, she has already been quilting for 15 years!!!

This one is from Simonetta Troian, who lives in Italy.  She lives in a cottage by the sea in a small town in northern Italy.  The little bone is sewn on.

This last one is from Celine Combet.  I actually got this one from Celine when she sent me two beautiful Hexie Flowers, as I was her partner for November in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.  The reason she put a "pram" on the front is because at the time she sent the package, she was pregnant.  As of Christmas night, she is the new Mom of a darling little girl, which you can see on Celine's blog Espritpatch.

Thank you ladies, I love the addition of all your Siggies to my collection!!


elliek said...

Hi Kris, love your international siggies... how did you get invloved in that one? Seems like an exciting swap to be in. See that you are doing Nearly Insane. I have done it and once you get over the halfway mark it gets easier!! LOL. The header for the Village Quilters blog is part of my NI quilt but I can send you some photos if you would like to see it. Have a great year.Liz

Melody said...

Those little siggie square are very cute.

Nancy said...

Please tell me how to get involved in this swap. It looks just wonderful and what a treasured quilt when finished.