Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well, I Listened to the Pros!!

I tried some of the techniques that Dixie and Sharon offered me in their kind comments to my last post and I actaully finished one of the 5 blocks for my swap.  Of course, I chose what appeared to be the easiest block but at least now I am feeling pretty good about getting these blocks done on time. 
In addition to intergrating Dixie and Sharon's suggestions, I also decided to not be so cheap with the fabric and cut larger pieces for each section.   Boy, did that make life easier!!  Now, as you can see, I did this block a little different from the picture in the last post, but I thought that using the two solid colors was sooooooo un-1930s like.  I know my block is not as dramatic as the original picture but I think it will go better with a quilt that has a 1930's reproduction theme!!!

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shavroo53 said...

Glad to see you have learned to breath when you sew! I think you did a lovely job with your block and I like the 30's fabric choice too for the quilt you are making. Great job. Sharon