Monday, August 2, 2010

Here Ye, Hear Ye!!

Well, I have been playing around with what I can do to be able to keep helping my Dad without getting a full-time job.  I have been working on my little eBay store and it keeps me busy but I have been just selling small things and so the money is not very good.  I was talking with my dear friend Sue, who is my long-arm quilter (Summit Creek Quilts) and she suggested I start putting together quilt kits to sell since there are so many women out there that would love to make a quilt but don't seem to have the time to go shopping to accumulate all the different fabrics necessary for making a quilt.

I decided to give Sue's suggestion a try and here is my first kit:
I know that most of the gals who read quilting blogs like this one are not usually the type that would purchase a kit, but you can look at the auction for this kit here - The Quilting Garden eBay Store - if you are interested.

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