Monday, August 23, 2010

Making Quilts the Unconventional Way!!

I bought this puzzle several years ago and finally, this past week, I put it together!!!  I think making real quilts has given me a bit more patience because I actually finished this puzzle!!!  Its a little shiny because I covered it with Mod Podge and then the flash added to the glare but I thought I would share because it really is a cute puzzle and very quilty!!!


mkhquilts said...

Very Cute! and it must have been a challenge to put together!

shavroo53 said...

I wanted to post earlier - but got distracted with some timely commitments. I love this puzzle - any art work of quilting. This looks so much like a tapestry I did not too long ago -hanging of the quilts for airing while the children play their games underfoot. Anticipating your next project, Sharon