Monday, June 7, 2010

Those of you who actually know me, know that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon).  Those who do not know me personally may have gleaned that fact from viewing my blog.  Well, this past week I had the special privilege of being one of the leaders at our Stake's Youth Conference.  What an amazing experience to be among so many of the youth in our Church (about 90 kids and 30 leaders)!!

We left Thursday afternoon by bus to go to Warm Springs, Nevada, an oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert just north of the Moapa Indian Reservation and about an hour and a half from St. George.  Upon arrival we all staked out where we wanted to place our tents.  It was interesting to me that the kids all just knew to set up their camp sites seperately, boys from girls.  Now, the kids that go to Youth Conference are aged 14-18.

After we set up camp we met for some interesting workshops, including one on how much music influences our lives both superficially and deep in our souls; a dating panel - where every other question focused around that most important topic - the first kiss; and a discussion of how all the new technology affects our lives. 

Did you know that there are lots of kids out there in the world that send more than 10,000, yes, thats ten thousand, text messages a month!!!  I could not understand how that was even possible and still have any kind of life so I asked a couple of the older girls how that could happen.  Their explanation was that a bunch a kids sit in a room together and text each other in the same way  a bunch of people would sit in a room together and have an on-going verbal conversation!!  Well, of course I asked WHY!!!  Their answer - because they could!!!  I don't know, I just don't know!!!

At around midnight of the first night, I heard these two little voices in the tent right next to my ear singing over and over "we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine!!!"  Well, I found the girls the next morning and they promised no yellow submarines the next night!!  LOL!!!

Other activities included volley ball, swimming (in both a regular swimming pool and a natural pool that was fed by an underground spring), badminton, river walks (right in the water and it was flowing!!!), eating, eating, eating (we had GREAT cooks!!), wonderful talks by the Stake leaders and the Conference closed with an amazing Testimony meeting. Then the very quiet bus ride home Saturday afternoon!!

We even saw an owl and her two babies.  They were sooooooooooo cute!!

I think everyone had a great time!!  I am really happy I had a chance to spend time with our future generation of adults and leaders.  We are in pretty good hands!!!  I look forward to attending this Conference again next year!!

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Looks as though you had a wonderful experience as a leader at your youth conference! Carolyn