Sunday, June 13, 2010

This has been an interesting few days.  On Wednesday I started a Mediation Training that goes from last Wednesday through this coming Tuesday.  Because the training is in Salt Lake City (a 5 hour drive from St. George) I decided to stay the weekend with my dear friend Sue Baddley in Smithfield, Utah, about 90 minutes north of  Salt Lake.  Boy, am I ever glad I did!

A little bit about Sue.  I met Sue about 7 years ago on the internet when she was talking about how she was moving from one part of the Bay area in California to another part of the Bay and how she had to clean the house she was moving out of and how she had to clean the rental house she was moving into . . .and well, a long story short, I emailed her to tell her that since I lived in the general vicnity, I could come come over to help her clean the rental house.

More than 7 years later we are dear friends and she has taught me most of what I know about quilting.  She tells me she has been quilting for 38 years - she claims she started at a very young age - just kidding, Sue - Just add about 12 years and ya know she is still just a kid!!

Her home is gorgeous and looks like a well-appointed quilt shop!! Just a little eye-candy for your enjoyment:

Below is the bed I got to sleep in while I was there!!

This darling little pincushion was on the pillow along wioth a little mint.  I don't have a picture of the mint though,  because I ate it!!  :-)

This is Sue working on a Quilt on her Gammill!!!  I am so grateful to her for working on this quilt while I was there so now I know - long-arm quilting is NOT for me!!!  I'm saving my money to send my quilts to Sue!!!

One weekend at Sue's home was just not enough!!!  I bearly had the time to see a fraction of all the goodies there!!  I am hoping that someday Sue will adopt me (which would work because all her kids are gone now and I know she must need a new kid!!)

Thank you Sue for a great weekend!!

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Chakatoria said...

It's great to have friendships through quilting! Glad you've found a real treasure.