Thursday, June 3, 2010

I hit the jackpot this morning when I went to the mailbox and found 3 International Siggies!!!  And all 3 Siggies are truly international.  The first one is from Marij Eussen who lives in the Netherlands.  This darling Siggie's theme is Beatrix Potter's Tailor of Gloucester because Marij has been collecting thimbles, scissors, pincushions and other sewing notions for more than 30 years!!  Check out the button - it is real!!!  And, Marij hand pieced it!!  I love this Siggie - it is so bright and fun!!

The second Siggie I received comes from Isabelle Belliard who lives in the Nantes region of France. This delicate Siggie is exactly what I would imagine would come from France. It is sophisticated and flowery with the colors of France. Also, it is hand pieced!!!

Isabelle's theme represents France with the Eiffel Tower, her love for quilting and her love for her 3 little Westie dogs. This is a sweet, sweet Siggie!! I love it!!!

The third Siggie I received is from Cuny van Collenburg who lives in Holland.  Her note says "sinds 2006 spaar ik siggies en ik heb er al meer dan 900." I think that says that she has been collecting Siggies since 2006 and she has 900!! Wow!!! Cuny also writes "de hotensia is mijn favoriete plant un daarom heb ik een bloem daarvan op mijn siggy staan" and I am guessing that means her favorite flower is the hydrangea and that is why she used it for the theme of her Siggie.  The hydrangea is my favorite flower as well!!!

This Siggie is gorgeous and I love the batik she used!!!

As Isabelle writes, it is so much fun to go to the mail box and see if there are any little gems waiting for me to enjoy!!  I have already sent my Siggie to Marij but I still owe a Siggie to Isabelle and Cuny!!  Thank you, ladies - I LOVE all three Siggies!!!

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