Monday, June 28, 2010

Here it is June 28, 2010 already!!!  Where in the world has this year gone???  It got to 107 degrees here today!!  And it is already harvest time in St. George.  Since we live in a small apartment with very little yard space, I only have a small flower garden in pots, but my niece Michelle and her family not only have a garden in their backyard but they are participating in a neighborhood garden.  Someone in their Ward offered up the land and 10 families have each been given several VERY long rows and each family is growing something different.  Michelle's family is growing melons.  All the families will share the harvest with each other and each other's families.  Hoo!  Hoo!!  I love melons and with this heat they should be extra good!!!  This is just a glimpse at what we are already enjoying!!!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Looks as though you could make up a wonderful dinner or lunch with your assortment of vegetables you have there! How fun is that to share the harvest with you too!


wow how special really love fresh homegrown vegies Jenni