Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GIVE-A-WAY!!! Hand-Made Baby Booties Looking for a Home!!

About this time last year a group of us at our Church made lots and lots of these darling baby booties for orphanages in foreign countries where they have nothing.  We were asked to make booties with color because there is not any color in the orphanages and the babies are color deprived, which apparently thwarts their growth in more ways than one.

While I was cleaning out some boxes last night, I found little lost pair of booties that did not get to go with their bootie buddies.  So, I thought, hummmmmmmmm, these little booties need a good home.  Since all my great-nieces and great-nephews all have their own booties or are too old for booties, I thought this would be a perfect time for a give-a-way!!!

If you know a special little baby or baby-to-be that would enjoys these booties or if you know of a charity that would like them, please leave a comment.  On July 4, 2010, I will put all the names of the folks who left a comment in a big basket and randomly choose a winner!!!

Thank you all for visiting my little bit of heaven!!!


Kristy said...

Aren't those adorable?! There is a fabulous charity on the island I live on that gives quilts, etc to a new baby born here. there are way more than you'd think :0)

Grandma Nell said...

How wonderful! These little booties are adorable and I have a new little granddaughter being born - due July 10th! I would love to win them for her! She lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah! I'm in Illinois!

LynnEl (also a member of Carol Doak's Yahoo Group!)