Monday, February 24, 2014

I Love Pincushions . . .

and they are all the rave right now!!  I remember when I made my first pincushion and then another and another. .  .

Well, my darling Aussie friend Liz, over at The Village Quilters, knows how much I love pincushions and so several months ago (I know, I know) sent me a darling pincushion that I had to add the guts to (ya know how expensive international postage is these days).  So tonight, while finishing up another project, I filled it!!  Whoo! Hoo!!

Is it darling or what??  Now, I did have to add my own buttons because, of course, I could not find the darling buttons she sent me but it turned out sooooooooo cute!!  Liz, thank you, I love it and it will hold a grand place in my pincushion collection and is going on my Pinterest page!!

Now the project I was finishing up just before I finished Liz' pincushion was part of a pincushion swap I was involved in.  Here is the wonderful pincushion Betty, my swap partenr, sent me a few days ago ~

It is so fun and it is huge!!!  Again, because of postage costs, she stuffed it with batting but I took it apart and changed out the batting for crushed walnut shells.  I know Betty intended to originally stuff it with crushed walnut shells too because when I opened her up little baby walnut shell litterings were inside.  But again, the cost of postage would have broken the bank!!  Thank you, Betty, I love it!! 

Here is the pincushion I made for Betty.  Can you read the words Be Sweet in the embroidery?  Then I used a couple of buttons for flowers and the cute little lady bug button and then finished it off using Audra's Iris Garden fabrics!!  I am happy with how it turned out.  Betty is down in Florida this week on her yearly Cousin visit, so this is going in the mail tomorrow morning and hopefully it will be waiting for her when she gets home.

Here are the two pincushions together so you can see how big my new pincushion is!!  So fun!!


elliek said...

Glad that you like and your others look terrific. I am becoming a pincushion person and I use the one you sent me (breast cancer fabrics) everytime I sew at my machine... I love it ( and you!)

Nancy said...

Pincushions are such fun. Looks like you have quite a collection of them. Maybe you should take a pincushion family picture.

Janet O. said...

I like Nancy's idea, Kris. : )
The cushion you made is as sweet as they come. I'd be loathe to stick pins in it!
And I love the little pincushion you received that has its own legs. That is cool!
The log-type cushion--I saw something like that recently. It was designated as something to go right in front of your machine, hence the long, narrow profile. Thought it was a great idea.
Do you get to stay home and rest today?

Createology said...

Fabulous new pincushions. I don't think anyone can have too many. Creative Pinning Bliss...