Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow and Amaryllis and Dresden Plates

Yesterday we got over 8 inches of this beautiful snow in about 4 hours ~

But this is what I saw from my kitchen window as I watched it snow ~

And this is what I am working on while I watch the snow as it begins to fall today ~

 My turn is on Thursday, January 31st ~ I am so excited!!  And here is a little sneekie peek at what I am working on ~

Hope you will drop by and see what I have been up to!!  :-)


Janet O. said...

Isn't our snow gorgeous? I've been taking similar photos at my house. We may have about 10".
Is your Kaffe supply holding up as you work on your Dresden? : )

Lynne said...

Snow looks so pretty but I'm not sure I'd want to live with it!

elliek said...

The snow makes me a little homesick!Love the Dresden plate adventure.

Kelli said...

Looking forward to those dresdens! :) Pretty snow, as long as you can stay in and off the roads. Enjoy!

Nancy said...

I envy your snow, it’s beautiful.
We seldom get snow like that in the south.

Denise :) said...

AWESOME!! I'm going to move in with either you or Janet, one! Can't wait to see your final Dresden! :)

Mommarock said...

I'm thinking that you should use colored thread..making it pop..some dresdens in the corners would look fantastic. and then after that radiating lines going out.