Friday, August 6, 2010

Do You Remember

a couple of weeks ago I had a pile of fabric on my hands that looked like this?
Well after a few steps and a lot of love I ended up with a beautiful quilt.
The pile above is a bunch of blocks that started out as nine patch blocks:
Then I cut each of those nine-patch blocks into 4ths:
Typically, the 4 smaller blocks are moved around to create a "Disappearing Nine-Patch" block that look like this one:
Notice how the small corner blocks are all the same?  Well, I made one big change in my "Vanishing Nine-Patch" quilt.  Instead of just moving the 4 smaller blocks from the same block around to look like the block above, I put all the small blocks in a big pile - the one you see at the top of the post, and then just randomly (with a little care to make sure I liked the look of each block) put the big blocks back together and ended up with a VERY fun quilt:
I then sent it up to Sue at Summit Creek Quilts and asked her to choose the quilting pattern she thought would look fabulous.  Here is what she chose:
Is that acute or what!!!  And my Dad said, "Now that really looks like an old-fashioned quilt!!  He really liked it!!!

I used the 5" 1930's reproduction charms that I received in a swap with one of my Yahoo groups called SewManySwaps!!  Thanks to everyone who participated in this swap so I was able to have lots and lots of variety in the fabric used in this quilt!!


Marie said...

Great quilt! I think I see some of my charms! I haven't decided what to do with mine but thanks for the inspiration. I think that disappearing 9 patch is such a versatle block. It looks great in every type, color and style of fabric I have seen it done in. And a compliment from your dad? Priceless!!

shavroo53 said...

I love the 30's with the crisp white - and the disappearing 9=patch is perfect. The quilting motif works well - even your backing fabric/binding is just the tie-in for a wonderful quilt

lovetostitch said...

Love this, and have been thinking of making some 9 patches. Love the scrappy look!! Do you know how to make 2 9 patch blocks at the same time - if not, I will try and find directions for you - fun and fast. They end up to be opposites so you could save the lighter backgrounds for another quilt.

Kris said...

Hi Lovetostitch - I have heard of making 2-9 patches at the same time but have never made them that way - I would love directions, thanks!!!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love your fabrics! I have made a few 30's quilts and always so happy with them. They are such perky colors. Thanks for sharing. Carolyn

Nancy said...

Love what you did with your pile of fabric.

Elly D said...

This looks gorgeous Kris! I love the 30s fabrics and they work so well in scrappy quilts.