Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whoo!!  Whoo!  Three new International siggies in the mail this week!!!

The first one I received is from Manie van den Berg who lives with her husband Johan in a small village in the Betuwe in the the free nature between two rivers in the middle of Holland.

She has a vast collection of scissors and that is why she chose the darling pattern in the middle of her siggie. I looks like Manie hand-drew the scissors!!  She has collected the outside fabric for many years. Manie and I are the same age!! :-)

The second siggie I received this week is from Lotte Klint, who works as a lecturer in a University College and lives in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark with her hubby and 3 sons.

This gorgeous siggie portrays ravens that have been beautifully hand-stitched by Lottie. Ravens are Lottie's favorite birds, partly because of their beauty and partly because of their role in Nordic Mythology, where the two ravens Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) were sent out at dawn to gather information and return in the evening. Then they would perch on Odin's shoulders and whisper the news from all over the world. What a cool thought!!!

The third siggie was in the mail box this afternoon. It is from Puck Booij who lives in the Netherlands.  This darling siggie has the cutest kittie on it, which I am guessing she hand-drew, and I am also guessing Puck loves cats!!!  Puck has asked me if I would make a special siggie for you that would be part of a quilt she wants to make with all Christmas-themed siggies.

Thank you ladies for these darling siggies!!!  Wow, I owe several siggies so I had better get the ones I have started completed so I can get them off in the mail first thing Monday morning!!!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute-Cute-Cute! you know how I love cat's!
Happy Monday! Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa

Rita Martine said...

VERY adorable. Kris, are you the one that had written me earlier with some helpful input about getting goin on the siggie swap? I think you had gotten one from Nantes, France, and I was SO eager to exchange from that person, since we lived there. Does this ring a bell?

Whoever it was, we had said we would exchange, but I lost track. I do believe the person was from Utah, and now that I am on the list and have received the list, I checked. You are the only one from Utah that I see.

Please let me know and we can exchange if you so desire...

Rita Martine